Why the “shutdown” became an “American characteristic”

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Even if users are out of convenience, laziness, fun, or even inexplicable pranks, shared bicycles may cause huge losses and make the enterprise unbearable.A few days ago, Beijing West City has issued a policy that ten streets are not allowed to park shared bicycles! Yes, no parking does not mean that no traffic is allowed, but they are no longer allowed to park. People in these ten streets will still ride shared bicycles Which districts in Beijing will introduce policies and which streets are not allowed to park shared bicycles? This is another unknown! Investors must be characters who can settle accounts.

Why the “shutdown” became an “American characteristic”

No matter how much he invests and how much he produces, he will make up his mind to give it a try.According to some statistics, vehicle damage in a certain neighborhood in Beijing has reached 10%! If the overall proportion is small, enterprises can still bear it, but how high will this proportion be and will it continue to worsen? No one can predict this.I took the subway home that day and when I got out of the Daguanying subway entrance, I saw hundreds of red Mobikes lined up on the ground! I couldn’t resist the temptation, so I registered immediately and paid a deposit of 299 yuan via WeChat. I was registered as a household registration, so I just swiped it. , I opened one and rode it home! It felt better! A few days later, I had to go to the newspaper office and exited the Jintai Road subway exit. There were no Mobikes on the ground, all were yellow OFO, so I registered for another one and paid 99. With a deposit of RMB 299, you can ride it to the newspaper office! It’s also very cool! Sharing bicycles is really convenient! Lao Zhan did a simple calculation. A deposit of RMB 299 for a bicycle. If 1 million units are put into the city, the deposit alone can earn nearly RMB 300 million. , and it’s all in cash! It is also reported that OFO has sold 10 million vehicles across the country. Even if the deposit is only 99 yuan, nearly 1 billion in real money has been obtained! The quick-thinking financial investment giants have taken advantage of such a large amount of money. What will be done with this amount of funds? It’s exciting to think about it! My dear, what a waste of money. Money is rolling in. How can there be such a good deal in the world! The pie has fallen, why don’t you catch it quickly? !No wonder, in recent months, there have been dozens of "bicycles" that have been "shared" across the country! Internet giants Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Didi, etc.... even if they break their heads, they have to go there. Money is stuffed in it! But you can’t just dream about it at night and not face the cold reality during the day! Starting a business or investing, if you don’t keep a clear account of your gains and losses, you will inevitably face a disaster one day and even lose all your money! Lao Zhan’s analysis It is believed that in the development process of shared bicycles, there will inevitably be three uncontrollable factors. If these three hurdles cannot be passed, then the smash hit shared bicycles are likely to die soon, as predicted by the famous financial commentator Wu Xiaobo : Become a bad joke.

Why the “shutdown” became an “American characteristic”

In today's China, if you want to implement any kind of economic model, if you don't take into account the government's attitude or policy factors, you will be said to be imbecile. At the very least, you don't understand China's national conditions! Take Didi, which was in the spotlight in the past few days, as an example. Good guy, Everywhere in Beijing, when you call your mobile phone, you will be there immediately, not to mention how convenient it is! At this moment, Didi’s boss and investors were really satisfied, smiling from ear to ear, as if they were holding their arms. A big golden baby! Who would have expected that as soon as the new rules for online car-hailing came out - Beijing cars, Beijing-registered vehicles, and large wheelbases - three hard bars and one card, 90% of online car-hailing owners were suddenly wiped out! Bosses and investors We can only stare and sigh, it’s really a shame that the sky is not responding to the situation, and the land and the earth are not working! Some people will say that online car-hailing companies have an old and unclear relationship between taxi companies and traffic management departments, so the two have joined forces. , it will make it so that there are only tears dripping down, but shared bicycles are different. This thing does not break anyone's interest structure, and it does not hinder anyone's business. How can there be government departments driven by the interests behind it? Will there be restrictions? That's not necessarily the case.Lao Zhan once wrote an article, believing that the shared bicycle model may not survive long in the current soil of China, because the use of such public property lacks supervision.

Why the “shutdown” became an “American characteristic”

The above three accounts are like three hurdles, which are indeed difficult to estimate.

Some accounts of shared bicycles can be calculated, but some accounts cannot be calculated or estimated clearly.But what is more important than deciding whether to be a platform or self-operated is to put the interests of customers first.

Every year during the sugar cane harvesting season, the sugar factory is particularly short of money, but you can't lend him money, because if you give it to him directly, he will not buy sugar cane, but buy houses and stocks.Many of the earliest B2B companies that survived were charged for information or tools.

Matchmaking can be divided into real matchmaking and false matchmaking. Strict real matchmaking means that money and tickets go through the platform once.When entering a new market, build coverage first.


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